We nurture and create new meaning
for craftsmanship.

HARIZURY Supporting traditional brands and crafts(The renewal of value) Incubating new businesses(The discovery of value) Creating and managing brands and businesses(The expression of value)

The foundation of our business lies in our prowess in branding and marketing, product development, and cultivating craftspeople that we have strengthened through Tsuchiya Kaban’s fifty-year history. Our GROUP BRANDS business, which creates and manages our brands under Harizury, our VALUE INNOVATION business, which supports traditional businesses with branding and communication, and our INVESTMENT business, which invests in upcoming D2C brands and software companies, are our three pillars with which we fulfill our mission to “add meaning to the lives of the maker and the beholder.”

Group Brands

01 Group Brands

Group Brands

Supporting brands that symbolize
and represent Japan.

We provide management support to domestic brands that
engage in unique craftsmanship, including Tsuchiya Kaban,
Bizoux, and Muromachi Glass Art.

Value Innovation

02 Value Innovation

Value Innovation

Bringing together traditional craft
with the lifestyle of today.

We support traditional companies with rich and long histories to focus on
their craft by providing marketing and branding efforts to help
communicate their uniqueness to the modern customer.
We shine a light on their craft and identity,
and through innovative product development create new value for objects,
as well as new opportunities for craftspeople.
We also want to pass forth the beauty of their craft to younger generations,
and will contribute to the education of new craftspeople.


03 Investment


Investing in technology
to transform the industry.

The Harizury group not only aids domestic and foreign brands that provide unique craftsmanship, but also invests in up-and-coming D2C
and software companies that will lead the retail industry.
Our objective is to contribute to the transformation of our brands through incorporating these new business techniques.

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