Brand Story

Objects tell stories.

Every “real” object tells its own unique story.
The passion and skill of its creator is embedded in each
detail, which evokes emotion in the heart of the beholder.

Like the emotion we feel when we listen to
a symphony of music, the heavenly taste of
good food, or the innate beauty of objects,
what is “real” is timeless
and enhances our lives with meaning.

Even in Japan, with over 2,000 years of culture
and history, and the appreciation of timelessness,
the value of what is “real” is under threat.
In a society overwhelmed by information,
companies and organizations that champion
traditional craftsmanship have faced immense challenges,
leading to the finest craftspeople losing their livelihoods.
This could very well lead to the diminishing of
traditional skills and culture, and even the loss of
our fundamental identity as a nation.

Our mission is to cherish and uphold tradition, culture,
and “real” objects with value while incorporating
the zeitgeist and insights of today and tomorrow.
We believe the combination of past, present, and future is
the path to a new generation of craftsmanship.

For over half a century,
we have nurtured and added value to objects
through our brand, Tsuchiya Kaban.
We have also built our strength in marketing,
management, and investment to enhance brands
and fundamentally change the market structure.

For those who use our products, we create objects
that one grows more fond of over time.
For those who create our products,
we are here to support their joy, pride,
and fulfillment in the process of
working and crafting products.
Our goal is to create a society that celebrates
and brings to light the unique culture and
people of today, all through the stories told by objects.


Adding meaning to the lives of the maker
and the beholder through visiting the old,
and creating a new.


Creating a world in which

identities shine through objects.


Through a customer-centric consciousness and the above three values, we contribute to the creation of a new culture. Through a customer-centric consciousness and the above three values, we contribute to the creation of a new culture.

We aspire to create new standards for craftsmanship by championing its history and tradition,
while also attuning it to the needs and lifestyle of today.
Through objects, we will create a new culture, evoke emotion within the beholder,
and contribute to the fulfillment of craftspeople.

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